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In search of premium cannabis magazines to adorn the reception area of your cannabis establishment? Cannabis extends beyond being a mere commodity; it has evolved into a symbol of popular culture. Similar to beer, wine, and other consumables, it has given rise to an entire subculture encompassing references, podcasts, apparel, artwork, and publications dedicated to cannabis. Staying abreast of all the latest cannabis-related information and insights is an endeavor that requires undivided attention, and fortunately, there exists a multitude of extraordinary cannabis magazines eagerly awaiting your perusal.

A dispensary would be incomplete without featuring the foremost and most exceptional cannabis magazines, ranging from iconic publications such as High Times to esteemed ones like Freedom Leaf.

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10 Cannabis Magazines & Blogs


The top cannabis magazine has to be High Times Magazine. High Times is a well-known publication that has been at the forefront of cannabis culture and counterculture since its inception in 1974. It has served as a comprehensive resource for marijuana enthusiasts, covering topics ranging from cultivation techniques and strain reviews to legal developments and advocacy efforts.

With its iconic logo and informative articles, High Times has become a symbol of cannabis acceptance and a platform for discussing the social, economic, and cultural aspects of the marijuana industry. Over the years, the magazine has evolved alongside changing attitudes and laws surrounding cannabis, making it a trusted source for both seasoned and novice cannabis consumers.

Visit HighTimes.com

Cannabis Now

Cannabis Now is a prominent cannabis magazine that focuses on the cannabis industry, culture, and lifestyle. Since its establishment, Cannabis Now has provided readers with in-depth coverage of the latest trends, developments, and innovations within the cannabis space. The magazine explores a wide range of topics, including cannabis cultivation, legalization efforts, medicinal uses, and the intersection of cannabis with art, entertainment, and wellness.

With its engaging articles, stunning photography, and thought-provoking features, Cannabis Now has become a go-to resource for individuals seeking to stay informed about the rapidly evolving world of cannabis. Whether readers are enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, or advocates, Cannabis Now offers valuable insights and perspectives on all things cannabis-related.

Visit CannabisNow.com

Dope Magazine

Dope Magazine is a renowned cannabis publication that caters to the cannabis community, providing comprehensive coverage of cannabis culture, lifestyle, and industry news. Since its inception, Dope Magazine has established itself as a trusted source for cannabis enthusiasts, offering a mix of informative articles, strain reviews, interviews with industry leaders, and features on cannabis-related events and trends.

The magazine’s engaging content and visually appealing design make it a popular choice for readers looking to stay updated on the latest developments in the cannabis world. With its commitment to educating and empowering its audience, Dope Magazine has become a valuable resource for both recreational and medical cannabis users, as well as those interested in the broader cannabis landscape.

Visit Dopemag.org

Weed World Magazine

Weed World Magazine, founded in 1991, is a renowned international publication that has revolutionized the perception of cannabis and promoted its benefits for over three decades. With a commitment to providing comprehensive information, our dedicated team of experts covers a wide range of topics, from cultivation and strain reviews to health and wellness and legislation updates.

We foster a vibrant community by encouraging reader contributions and provide a digital platform alongside our print publication. As advocates for responsible cannabis use, we strive to break down stigmas, challenge misconceptions, and shape the future of cannabis culture. Welcome to Weed World Magazine, where we celebrate the power of cannabis and its potential for a better world.

Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture is a pioneering company dedicated to reshaping the perception of cannabis through advocacy, education, and responsible consumption. They offer a diverse range of high-quality cannabis products and services, while also fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts, patients, and entrepreneurs. Committed to sustainability and social responsibility, Cannabis Culture supports policy reform and community development initiatives.

With a focus on innovation and inclusivity, the company drives research and development, provides personalized guidance, and creates a workplace that values creativity and collaboration. Join Cannabis Culture to explore the world of cannabis in a safe, empowering environment and celebrate its profound impact on society.

Skunk Magazine

Skunk Magazine is a pioneering cannabis magazine that has been at the forefront of the cannabis industry for over two decades. With a mission to educate, advocate, and promote responsible cannabis use, Skunk Magazine has become a trusted source of information and a leading voice in the movement to normalize and legalize cannabis worldwide.

Through cutting-edge content, expert contributors, and a commitment to social equity, Skunk Magazine challenges stereotypes, supports legislative reform, and fosters an inclusive and sustainable cannabis community. Join us as we continue to shape the future of cannabis, inspire positive change, and redefine the narrative around this remarkable plant.

Cannabis Business Times

Cannabis Business Times (CBT) is a renowned publication specializing in the business and economic aspects of the cannabis industry. With a team of experienced journalists and industry experts, CBT delivers accurate and timely information on cultivation, manufacturing, retail, finance, and regulatory updates.

Through its print and online editions, as well as industry events and conferences, CBT serves as a trusted resource for professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors in the global cannabis community. Committed to unbiased reporting and promoting best practices, CBT empowers individuals and businesses to navigate and thrive in this dynamic and expanding industry.

The Emerald Magazine

Emerald Magazine is a news and culture publication focused on helping individuals live better lives through alternative medicine and personal wellness. With a diverse readership spanning different demographics, Emerald provides daily content, podcasts, videos, a tri-weekly newsletter, and a quarterly print magazine, covering medical advances, cannabis lifestyle, travel destinations, and notable growing operations.

Their in-depth reporting and practical information drawn from authoritative sources and latest studies ensure readers can make informed decisions. The magazine also features cannabis-infused recipes and boasts a team of award-winning writers and journalists. Connect with Emerald Magazine via phone or email to embark on a journey towards a vibrant and informed life.

Edibles List Magazine

Edibles List Magazine is a leading publication in the cannabis industry, specializing in comprehensive coverage of the world of cannabis-infused edibles. With a team of experienced writers and industry experts, the magazine provides up-to-date information on culinary trends, dosage guidelines, infusion techniques, product reviews, legal updates, and profiles of key players in the edibles space.

Committed to quality reporting, Edibles List Magazine bridges the gap between the culinary and cannabis worlds, exploring flavors, techniques, and the benefits of cannabis-infused cuisine. Through its print publication, online platform, and events, the magazine serves as a trusted resource for chefs, consumers, and professionals seeking education, innovation, and responsible consumption in the edibles industry.

Hemp Connoisseur

Hemp Connoisseur is a leading authority in the world of hemp and cannabis, offering comprehensive knowledge and insights to enthusiasts, professionals, and curious individuals. Through informative articles, interviews, and product reviews, Hemp Connoisseur explores the diverse applications of hemp, from textiles to health products, while fostering a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

With a focus on sustainability and responsible consumption, Hemp Connoisseur promotes the potential of hemp as a game-changer in various industries, advocating for its economic value, positive environmental impact, and dispelling misconceptions along the way. By combining expertise, passion, and a forward-thinking approach, Hemp Connoisseur continues to shape the discourse surrounding hemp and inspire positive change.