cannabis social media marketing

Cannabis social media marketing is an important aspect of running a cannabis company. However, many social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok do not allow for cannabis marketing. This includes a marijuana company simply posting about their products or showing “Federally illegal products”.

So, what exactly can you do as a cannabis company on social media platforms? We dive into different cannabis social media marketing options and social media marketing for dispensaries & other weed stores.

Cannabis Social Media Marketing Ads

So, how do you get ads live on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, & other platforms? It’s a bit tricky but not impossible. Since you cannot advertise directly from your cannabis brands page, you will need to use another page and utilize content marketing.

Using Cannabis Ads On Social Media – Content Marketing

Here is an example of one way to utilize social media ad networks to indirectly drive traffic to your target website or social media page.

1. Create a new website that is not directly cannabis related OR pay for a post to be on a non-cannabis website. There are more ways to go about this step. However, that is the basic guideline.

2. The content on the page needs to feature your cannabis product, dispensary, or website. You could even have an embedded social media follow button, feed or link. It’s important that the content is not only about your cannabis product. The content on the page should be no more than 30% cannabis related.

This will increase your chances of the ad getting approved.

3. Create a new social media account on the platform you are looking to advertise on. This page should not be cannabis heavy. This will be the account you will use to run ads with.

4. Create ads promoting the content hosted on the non-cannabis website.

Cannabis Social Media Marketing Funnel

Here is an example of how the funnel looks.

Clean Social Media Ad > Clean Website Content > Cannabis Social Media Page or Website.

You have to remember that the advertiser really only cares about the page paying for ads & the content it’s driving ad traffic to. Beyond those two items, it’s not their problem.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it to run cannabis social media ads via a content funnel? That all depends on how valuable the content is you are advertising and the ROI you get on ads.

There are a million ways to go about running social media ads as a cannabis company. You just have to be creative.

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Using Influencers & Paid Posts

Using influencers or paying for larger pages to promote your page is an easy way to bypass social media regulations.

This involves paying and agreeing to terms outside of the platform. The content that is posted could be endless and generally needs to be catered to the audience of the page you are paying. 

If you are a cannabis dispensary or brand, you could pay an influencer to come shop at your store and post about their experience. They could use your product in a round of Instagram stories or post about it on their Youtube channel.

Find someone you like, reach out, and see if they are interested.

Is it worth it?

Again, this all depends on who you choose, your brand, and what exactly the content is about.