So, what does it take to make your dispensary stand out? There are many things you can do to make your dispensary stand out from the crowd.

We have put together a guide to help your dispensary stand out from your local competitors.



Many cannabis dispensaries fail to incorporate custom branded packaging on their products. You often times see dispensaries selling flower in a blank mylar bag or even a Ziplock back. The power of having professional packaging out weighs the cost associated with packaging.

cannabis packaging


Can you find your dispensary with a simple search on Google? If you can’t… Your customers cannot either. Dispensaries often overlook the importance of SEO until it’s too late. Since SEO takes time to work, it’s best to start optimizing now.

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cannabis dispensary SEO

Local Listings

Are you listed on, Yelp, Leafly, WeedMaps, and all the other local listing websites? If not, you should be. Even if it’s a free listing, you should have your business profile built out to it’s max compacity.

local listings

Product Variety

Do you have a diverse selection of products? If not, I hope the ones you do have are the best in the market. Customers are looking for a wide selection of strains that they have not yet tried. Give them what they want but make sure they are the best.



Are you working with your vendors to only offer certain products at your stores? Working out some type of product of discount exclusivity with your vendors is always a way to keep customers coming to your shop and your shop only.


Loyalty Programs

Are there incentive programs set up for your customers to take advantage of? Loyalty programs are great ways to give back to customers while also collecting rich data and building your marketing list.

Loyalty Programs