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Cannabis Content Marketing

SEO Nursery is the premier provider of Cannabis Content Marketing services that help your cannabis business thrive. Our team of experienced content marketing experts leverages their understanding of the cannabis industry, innovative techniques & tools to create tailored content marketing strategies to maximize brand visibility and reach new audiences in an effective manner.

We develop unique content collections, optimize website copy for organic search engine results, streamline social media campaigns, and utilize other brands’ traffic to get noticed by prospective customers online.

Cannabis Content Marketing

Our Cannabis Content Marketing Services

Our team of writers and strategists craft compelling and engaging SEO-optimized content designed to attract, engage, and inform your target audience. From creating original blog posts to optimizing your existing website pages for search engine visibility, our goal is to give you the best chance of connecting with potential customers around the world.

Dispensary SEO

Brand Content

We get your website ranked on Google when people are searching for the brands you carry by creating SEO-optimized content.

Cannabis content creation

Product Based Content

Product-based content is a great way to appear on Google for the products you sell. This means your website will appear when searching for specific products.

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Category Based Content

We get your cannabis website ranked for categories like flower, edibles near me, cannabis extracts, and other highly searched cannabis categories.

cannabis website

Skyscraper Content

Focused on creating expansive and informative articles, Skyscraper Content can help websites increase organic search visibility, drive more traffic and build brand trust.

Cannabis Branding

FAQ Content

Having FAQ content helps to provide clear and concise answers that can quickly guide visitors through the process of finding what they are looking for and provide search engines with extra SERP features.

Keyword Research

Local Content Creation

Localized content creation involves creating articles that are based around the city you serve. This helps drive more localized traffic and provides a chance to reach new visitors are tourists looking for information.

Why Is Cannabis Content Marketing Important?

Reduce Marketing Costs

Reduce Marketing Costs

Reduced marketing costs are one of the outcomes from utilizing cannabis content creation. 


Limited Advertising Opportunities

With so many regulations and limitations, organic search is more important than ever before.


Right Place. Right Time.

Appear in organic search when a potential customer is looking for that specific content or search. 

We Help Brands With Cannabis Content Creation.

Cannabis content creation is one of the pillars of a successful SEO campaign. We help cannabis websites create long-lasting & impactful cannabis content that drives more visibility within search engines.

Content creation is often times and long process that involves researching search terms & ideas that will drive real traffic to your website and store. Have it done correctly the 1st time and let a professional from SEO Nursery handle your cannabis content creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a cannabis content creator do?

A cannabis content creator produces exciting written and visual cannabis material for blog posts. 

Can you post cannabis content on Instagram?

Instagram allows for marijuanarelated education and advocacy, with the stipulation that NO cannabis products are directly marketed. Make sure to put a disclaimer on any photo referencing marijuana, specifying the 21+ consumption age limit and potential side effects of using it. It’s common for a cannabis page to have their page deleted.

How many blog posts should I make a month?

The amount of blog posts you should create in a month depends on your cannabis website’s goals. It could be 1 blog post a week up to 20+ a month.

How do I appear when someone searches for a brand we carry?

Appearing within a search for a brand you carry can be extremely beneficial. Often times cannabis brands have higher search volume and easy keyword difficulty ratings. 

What is a cannabis copywriter?

Hiring a cannabis copywriter could support you in growing your customer base, thereby increasing revenue. With optimized cannabis content that ranks highly and a wellengaged email list, you‘ll be able to cultivate more customers, turn them into repeat buyers by establishing loyalty, as well as drive consistent web traffic.