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In recent years, the cannabis community has flourished on YouTube, with creators sharing their experiences, knowledge, and passion for all things related to weed. From strain reviews to cultivation tips and educational content, these Weed YouTubers have gained a significant following by providing valuable insights into the cannabis world.

Top 10 Weed YouTubers

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 Weed YouTubers, each with their unique approach and expertise. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover some of the best channels for cannabis enthusiasts!


View StrainCentral Channel

Josh, the host of StrainCentral, delivers engaging content with a focus on strain reviews, product recommendations, and cannabis news. With an approachable and informative style, Josh creates a welcoming atmosphere for both seasoned smokers and beginners.

StrainCentral - Weed Youtuber


View CustomGrow420 Channel

Jolie, better known as CustomGrow420, brings a comedic touch to his cannabis-related videos. From epic smoke sessions to bong rips, Jolie’s channel offers an entertaining mix of product reviews, challenges, and vlogs that will keep you entertained.



View SilencedHippie Channel

Sasha, the SilencedHippie, presents a laid-back and inclusive channel that covers everything from strain reviews to tutorials on various consumption methods. She also shares her personal experiences with cannabis and promotes a positive, inclusive community.

SilencedHippie - Top Weed YouTubers

RuffHouse Studios

View RuffHouse Studios Channel

RuffHouse Studios is your go-to channel for cannabis cooking and edibles. With detailed recipes, instructional videos, and tips for making your own cannabis-infused goodies, this channel is perfect for those looking to explore the culinary side of cannabis.

RuffHouse Studios

Positive Smash 420

View Positive Smash 420 Channel

Positive Smash 420, hosted by Liz, focuses on product reviews, strain discussions, and experimenting with different consumption methods. Liz’s genuine enthusiasm and honest opinions make her channel a reliable source for cannabis-related content.

Positive Smash 420


View UrbanRemo Channel

UrbanRemo, also known as Remo the “Urban Grower,” shares his expertise in cannabis cultivation. From grow room tours to tips for maximizing yields, Remo’s channel is a valuable resource for aspiring growers and seasoned cultivators alike.

UrbanRemo - Weed YouTuber

Loaded Up

View Loaded Up Channel

Loaded Up features a group of friends sharing their experiences with cannabis through entertaining challenges, strain reviews, and product showcases. Their lively and humorous approach makes for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Loaded Up YouTuber


View TheDabSpot Channel

TheDabSpot, hosted by Samantha, explores all things dabbing-related. From product reviews to dabbing tutorials and discussions about the latest dabbing trends, Samantha’s channel is a must-watch for concentrate enthusiasts.



View Haley420 Channel

Haley420’s channel offers a glimpse into her cannabis-infused lifestyle. With vlogs, strain reviews, and discussions about her experiences with cannabis, Haley creates an inviting space for her viewers to connect and learn.


Jorge Cervantes

View Jorge Cervantes Channel

Jorge Cervantes is a well-known authority in the cannabis cultivation community. His channel features informative videos covering various aspects of growing cannabis, providing valuable insights for both beginners and experienced growers.

Jorge Cervantes Weed YouTuber

The world of Weed YouTubers offers a diverse range of content, from strain reviews and cultivation tips to cannabis cooking and lifestyle discussions. Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or simply looking to learn more about the plant, these top 10 Weed YouTubers provide engaging and educational content that will keep you entertained and informed. So, grab your favorite strain, click on the links, and dive into the fascinating world of cannabis on YouTube!