Where Can I Advertise As A Dispensary

Looking to advertise your dispensary but can’t get approved on Facebook, Instagram, or Google? Well, there are a few online advertising outlets you can use if you are a cannabis dispensary.

In this article, we will go over some of the main online advertising outlets that cannabis dispensaries can use.

Top Online Advertisement Platforms for Cannabis Dispensaries

 Here are a few websites that allow dispensaries to advertise.

Traffic Junky + PornHub

TrafficJunky.com is the advertising arm of Pornhub, RedTube…etc. If advertising on adult websites is in your brand, it’s a great way to reach your target market. The impression cost is incredibly low & surprisingly you can get a high CTR.

The downside of Traffic Junky is its payment method. You have to pay through a third-party vendor. This isn’t a bad thing but does throw another step into the process.

Local News Outlets

Check with your local news outlets. Maybe your major city has a newspaper or magazine like “The Nashville Scene” or the equivalent. Most news outlets will find some way to work with you in regard to online advertisement.

Getting Crafty With Your Ads

There are ways to go about advertising on Instagram, Facebook, or Google. However, for smaller shops, it may not be worth it or you may not have the resources.

Instead of purchasing ads on IG, FB, or Google that link directly to your restricted website. Which would get your ad rejected.

You can create different websites and focus on creating content there that directly talks about your products or links to them in a creative way.

Marijuana Ad Networks

There are firms out there that partner with websites to allow for advertising space within their site. These websites can range from cannabis-specific websites or websites producing high-volume traffic about a different topic. Your banner ad would appear within the content or on a sidebar somewhere.

A website like Mantis Ad Network is a great resource.

Cannabis Directories

The cannabis industry has slowly grown with a few main cannabis directories. These directories have a strong hold on SEO regarding many local search terms within the cannabis realm.

Being on the top of those lists can be purchased. Unfortunately, that amount can be a lot depending on your market.

Here are a few leading cannabis directories that you should be within your marketing budget.

We hope this short guide gives you a better understanding of what your paid online advertising options are as a cannabis company. If you need anything please feel free to reach out.